Application of andalusite

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Andalusite is a kind of columnar crystal. Generally, the crystal of andalusite is radial or granular, which is very good-looking. A variety of andalusite is often used to make small ornaments. Some people also call the radial andalusite "chrysanthemum stone", as the name suggests, because its shape is like a blooming chrysanthemum. As a kind of aluminosilicate mineral, andalusite is usually pink, red, reddish brown or grayish white, which has a very good luster. Usually, andalusite is used as the raw material of porcelain.

Distribution range:

China is rich in resources, especially for this kind of mineral resources. China started the exploration and mining of andalusite as early as 1978. Because of its high quality and rich andalusite resources, there is a good prospect for the development of andalusite industry in China. At present, there are abundant andalusite resources in Liaoning, Jilin, Shandong, Henan, Xinjiang, Qinghai, Sichuan and other regions in China.


Andalusite is a very refractory mineral, but also has physical and chemical properties. Generally speaking, andalusite is used as a high-grade refractory for smelting industry, or for firing porcelain. In fact, andalusite can also be used to make light aluminum silicon alloy, and such high-grade materials can also be used as materials for supersonic aircraft and spacecraft. Nowadays, there are some foreign countries using andalusite to make radome. However, most andalusite of ordinary quality can only be used as handicraft and decoration.
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