How to synthesize cordierite industrially?

Release time:2021-03-27 16:44:38 click:177 second source:Luoyang Erigine New Materials Technology Co. Ltd.

High temperature solid-state reaction is still a common method for industrial synthesis of cordierite materials, which has the advantages of simple production process and high production efficiency; the major problems of this method are high synthesis temperature, high energy consumption and high production cost. The synthesis temperature of kaolin talc alumina system is 1390 ℃ - 1400 ℃. Using modern testing technology to thoroughly find out the mechanism of high temperature synthesis of cordierite, and actively study the method of reducing the synthesis temperature is of great significance. The future work is to continue to explore the high temperature characteristics of various raw materials, in-depth study of various batching systems, high temperature synthesis reaction mechanism, make full use of China's rich non-metallic mineral resources, and develop a more economical and reasonable batching system In order to achieve low-cost synthesis of high-purity cordierite materials, we should formulate scientific synthesis process system, reduce the synthesis temperature of cordierite.

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